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From mansions to studios and warehouses, we have locations that fit any need from local hosts.

What is Location Spotz?

Location Spotz helps Stars Talent Studio actors, models, and anyone in Utah make extra money by hosting their "location spotz"! Most rent it out for half or full-day & you can make an extra $400-$1000 for letting them use your spot, currently providing homes, apartments, business spots, and other types of land in and around Utah & the Intermountain region.

Our LOCATION SPOTZ APP is easy to download your location for exclusive use in a motion picture, television, commercials, and photography productions. Our clients find this to be an excellent scouting tool!

What types of shoots can I host?


Photoshoots are short and easy to host. They usually last only a few hours and include a cast and crew of 5-10 people


Commercial shoots come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the time they last about a day. Crew size is usually only 10-20 people.

Film Shoots

Big budget productions shoot over multiple days and require larger crews. They also pay the best and give you the best chance to spot an A-lister.

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Receive offers by Text Messages

Your address and contact info are always kept private. Renters will message you through the Location Spotz app through text with questions, and booking requests.

Coordinate the rental booking times

Once a renter is ready to book your location spot, you will communicate through text or phone with their location scout to negotiate the setup and teardown schedule.

Offer a custom rate

Your property’s base daily rate can vary from $250-$2000 a day - 20% for the location spotz fee. You always have the opportunity to discount your price or increase your rate based on the shoot. Tip: Upload 15-45 photos of your space to increase your bookings.

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What Type Of Property Can I Rent?

From mega-mansions to run-down shacks, filming and photography shoots need them all! And we'll take them all! And regardless of what location you need, we'll post and share it with our users and get them on it!

Can I Rent My Property?

Yes! Make your home, business, or other location a STAR! And get PAID to do it. List your property now, FREE to register and list your spot!

What is the cost to brows locations?

NOTHING! Browse our listings or REQUEST a location for FREE!

How do I get paid?

The final payout will be deposited into your preferred bank account 1-3 days after your completed booking. Payment is sent over conveniently and quickly and is processed within 7 days of the start of the reservation.
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